Cody Hida (火田 伊織 Hida Iori?) is a character in the anime and manga Digimon
Cody and his daughter
Adventure 02.

He is partnered with Armadillomon. Despite being the youngest of the DigiDestined, he is the most serious, and always conducts himself with a maturity that is far beyond his age. A lot of his wisdom comes from his grandfather, Chikara Hida, who is also Cody's Kendo teacher. In the beginning, his world of view was very black-and-white, as befitting a child, which could lead him to be very stubborn and to be rather hard on people. Later on, throughout his adventures as a DigiDestined, he realised the error of his ways and gradually softened in nature, having understood that it was utterly impossible for reality and people to be as black-and-white as he once firmly believed them to be.

By the year 2027, Cody becomes a high-class defense attorney. He is married and has a daughter with an Upamon as a Digimon partner. Cody's wife is never revealed. Because of Armadillomon sitting on his briefcases, Cody has to replace them quite frequently. His apprentices are both Rocko and Chris.

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Crest and Digi-Eggs Edit

The Crests and Digi-Eggs of Reliability and Knowledge

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Rocko Wallaby and Chris Kratt