Zeusmon- Edit

Aresmon is the DNA Digivolve form of Ninetailsmon and Ancientmon. He may be a hot-headed jerk, but deep down he is a gentle kind hearted digimon the inside.

Attacks: Striking Spikes, Electro-Orbs, Meteors of Fury


Pandoramon is the DNA Digivolve form of Meadowmon and Cupidmon. Her graceful and lustrous moves are the ultimate weapons against darkness and hate.

Attacks: Wind of Spring, Love Darts, Magical Twister, Sultry Wink, Heart Attack,Floral Spiral, Blossom Beam, Petal Shards, White Musk Whip, Curiosity Flash


Venusmon is the DNA Digivolve form of Mermon and Kazemon .

Attacks: Mega Jackhammer, Silver Slam, Thunder Body Slam


Atermismon is the DNA Digivolve form of Owlmon and Spinemon.

Attacks: Lunar Moon Arrows, Crescent Boomerang, Twilight Spear, Velvet Eyes


Hephaestusmon is the DNA Digivolved form of Dawnmon and Jackmon.

Attacks: Hammer of Justice, Mega Slam, Mega Fire