Martin is the more "childish" brother, he's very fun and dearly loves all animals,
Martin Kratt
mainly the babies! To the point of taking the time to name each and every one. He's been called an "Animal Lover", "Tree hugger", and "Clog". When it comes to animals he always tries to get into their heads and think like how they would in hopes of aiding whatever it is he and his brother must do.

But unfortuantly for him he can be just a bit ditzy and pretends to be prepared for anything, as shown some of the time during the series. Also, he pretends to be the "big brother" and "save" Chris from "danger". (Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus). He also likes to play "hide and seek tag" (Mimic).

Mischevious and curious, Martin is very enthusiastic and a "Big ideas" type of guy. He's very impulsive, which may get him into trouble. But normally due to his "winging it" type of ideas, they have gotten out of a lot of trouble too. He is the comedian to Chris' straight man and like any good partnership, it is truly the brothers' differences that help make them the perfect team. Martin also likes to get into the mind of the animals ("Be the bear!", " be the rock!", "Be the walrus!" etc.). But, that has helped them, too.

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Poseimon, the Waves of Kindness

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The Crest of Kindness

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The Digi-Egg of Kindness

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Ken Ichijouji